ART OSAKA 2022 Expanded Section

ART OSAKA 2022 Expanded Section

Gallery OUT of PLACE 出展作家 赤井正人

Masato AKAI  from Gallery OUT of PLACE

2022年7月6日(水)- 7月11日(月)

6th July - 11th July 2022




Creative Center Osaka

記念すべき第20回目となる現代美術のアートフェア「ART OSAKA 2022」を7月6日(水)〜11日(月)の日程で開催致します。
「ART OSAKA」は国内の現在進行形のアートフェアの中で最も長い歴史を持ち、若手から中堅アーティストの動向が見られる場として親しまれてきました。
大阪の街ごと楽しめる「ART OSAKA 2022」を是非お楽しみ下さい。
Gallery OUT of PLACE は、名村造船所跡地におけるExpanded Sectionに

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テキスト by 赤井正人 2022年 5月

The contemporary art fair, Art Osaka 2022, is now in its 20th year running, and will be held from July 6th (Wed) to July 11th (Mon). Art Osaka is the longest-running art fair in Japan, and has become known to all as an event to witness the growth of young and center-stage artists.The event will continue to be held at Osaka City Central Public Hall (a nationally designated important cultural property), and also expanded into a new venue, the Creative Center Osaka (a designated heritage building for industrial modernization) in Kitakagaya, an area full of art studios.Art Osaka brings together art in both the culturally active Nakanoshima area with its newly opened Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka, and the liberal, tolerant area of Kitakagaya; we hope you will come and enjoy the expanded fair and the chance to explore the greater Osaka.Gallery OUT of PLACE will exhibit a large group of wood sculptures by Masato Akai in the Expanded Section at the former Namura Shipyard.

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Artist Statement
When I enter the otherworldly world of the mountains, I strongly feel the presence hovering between the other world and reality. In order to express this, I carve raw wood and burn it in a fire to create three-dimensional works every day. In the Kii Mountains, where I live, there is an ethereal nature that deviates from this world. Once you step inside, you will find strange-shaped giant trees, bottomless cliffs, dark caves and other worlds that are not of this world, worlds of death. At the same time, it is a world where mountain people live and their folk culture produces a rich life force. They worship the mountains as sanctuaries, and through ascetic practices, they try to obtain mystical energy to save themselves and others from the suffering and contradictions of the present world. The mountains are a place where life and death merge and the presence of spirits and earth spirits can be felt. The blackened wood carvings remind us of the Goma burning performed by mountain priests, and the wildly carved three-dimensional sculptures lined up in rows remind us of the mountains that overlap and intertwine. I would also like to express the "in-betweenness of life and death" that I myself feel as I go back and forth between the other world of the mountains and the real world, in the space of the former Namura Shipyard as a realistic physical expression in the form of wood carvings.
text by Masato Akai in May 2022

installation view by Masato Akai