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Patrick Taberna

2023年 10月13日(金) ‒ 11月12日(日)

13th Oct.(fri)- 12th Nov.(sun), 2023

開廊:木-日 12:00 - 19:00
月・火・水 休廊 また、10月23日(月)~11月1日(水)は休廊となります。





Gallery OUT of PLACE
Open : thu. - sun. 12:00 - 19:00
closed on mon, tue, wed, also be closed from 23 Oct (Mon) to 1 Nov (Wed).

La rencontre avec Patrick

18:00~19:30 on 4th Nov. 2023

The artist will be visiting from France and will be present at the gallery.
There will also be a signing of the latest photo book.
Free admission.


Gallery OUT of PLACE

この度Gallery OUT of PLACEではフランス人写真家パトリック・タベルナを紹介します。




ただ、探りを入れる私に彼はきっと「いつものことだよ」と嘯くに違いないのだが。 文:野村ヨシノリ(Gallery OUT of PLACE) 2023年9月

1964 年 サン=ジャン=ド=リュズ(フランス)生まれ 現在パリ在住。
20代半ば、世界を旅しながら写真を撮り始める その後1987 年からパリに拠点を置き、写真クラブ「Les 30×40」に参加
Galerie Camera Obscura(パリ)専属アーティスト 同ギャラリーの他、ヨーロッパ、日本にて個展、グループ展多数
受賞:2000 年フナック賞「Magnetic North」 2001 年フナック賞パリ「Nos Italies」 2004 年HSBC 写真賞「Au fil des jours」
コレクション:ヨーロッパ写真美術館 Pinault コ レクション agnès b コレクション 等多数

Gallery OUT of PLACE is pleased to present French photographer Patrick Taberna.
The exhibition features approximately 20 works selected from a vast selection of prints from his past and latest work.

According to a predecessor,
'The memory of an event that probably only happens once in your life is mixed up in countless mundane and boring images that you don't look back on as a usual occurrence.'

Well, Patrick started taking photographs in his early twenties while continuing to travel, but in his early thirties he married Sylvie, after which he turned his lens mainly to his family and began presenting intimacy as a central subject.
However, he has never fallen into subjective family photography, but always casts an objective eye on his wife and children, maintaining a fine sense of balance between snapshots and making photographs. In recent years, his style has become more relaxed, light-hearted and meaningful.

The fascination of his photographs lies in the fact that they have an even more magical effect on the viewer.
Although the images in Patrick's photographs are supposed to be his own personal events and memories, somehow the viewer is transported to a moment in the viewer's own past, inspired by the photographer's memories (the images).
As if replacing Patrick's gaze, the viewer himself relives the sweet and sour past. In this way, Patrick's photographs may indeed have the so-called [Proust effect] (i.e. the power to evoke involuntary memories in people).

It would be interesting to see how Patrick captures landscapes and families in his viewfinder, and at what moment his finger presses the shutter.
He must surely be boasting, "It's the same as always.".  text by Yoshinori NOMURA(Gallery OUT of PLACE) Sep.2023

Born 1964 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz (France), currently resident in Paris.
Started taking photographs while travelling the world in his twenties, then based in Paris since 1987, participating in the photography club Les 30×40, Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris.
Awards: 2000 Fnac Prize "Magnetic North" 2001 Fnac Prize Paris "Nos Italies" 2004 HSBC Photography Prize "Au fil des jours"
Public collection: European Museum of Photography Pinault Collection agnès b Collection and many more.