オーラ 空の器

鍵 豪

Takeshi KAGI

2023年 8 月25日(金) ‒ 9月17日(日)

25th Aug.(fri)- 17th Sep.(sun), 2023

開廊:木-日 12:00 - 19:00
月・火・水 休廊


2023年 8 月26日(土)18:00~19:30



Gallery OUT of PLACE
Open : thu. - sun. 12:00 - 19:00
closed on mon, tue, wed


18:00 - 19:30 on 26th (sat) Aug, 2023

The artist will be present. Admission free.


Gallery OUT of PLACE


シリーズ「蒸発と結晶のエチュード -器- 」は、主に透明のガラス器と紙の器を撮ったものだ。被写体は、いつかは割れて形をなくすガラス器、そして使用後簡単に捨てられてしまう紙の容器。それらの存在の儚さに着目し、その姿を私たちが生きる地球という惑星の行く末に重ね、写し撮った。尚、ガラス器を撮った作品の支持体として、敢えてガラス板にイメージを印画している。また紙の器の作品には支持体として箱型に成形した和紙を用いており、その上に出力している。


器を撮影していると心の奥深いところを探求しているような気持ちになる。そこで私が探しているものは、私(=地球)という存在そのものなのかもしれない。  文:鍵 豪  2023年 7月


1977 大阪府生まれ 奈良県在住
2000 佛教大学文学部史学科卒業 地域文化専攻
2000 ヨーロッパ、南米など世界各地を旅する。(~2007)

2021 蒸発と結晶のエチュード/Gallery OUT of PLACE, 奈良
2014 A Distance/Gallery OUT of PLACE, 奈良
2008 Porvenir/Gallery Den 58, 大阪グループ展
2022 はならぁと Art Shop/Art-Space TARN, 奈良
2021 CADAN x ISETAN 具象/伊勢丹新宿アートギャラリー, 東京
2015 学園前アートウィーク 2015/浅沼記念館, 奈良
2014 晩鐘/工場跡, 奈良       The voice of 「H」+/奈良・町屋の芸術祭 HANARART 2014/生駒宝山寺 洗心閣, 奈良
2013 SLOW and SURE/奈良・町屋の芸術祭 HANARART 2013/ギャラリー・カフェ蝸牛Katatsumuri, 奈良
2011 NAP 映像コテンパンダン展/奈良女子大学セミナーハウス正木邸, 奈良
        GITAI+KAGI / 2人展TYPE : T/TOKIO OUT of PLACE, 東京
2010 GITAI+KAGI / 2人展TYPE : S/奈良アートプロム 2010/sample white room, 奈良
        GITAI+KAGI / 2人展TYPE : K/奈良アートプロム 2010/ならまち格子の家, 奈良
2009 NAP 公開会議vol.II+プレ展覧会/CASO, 大阪

2022 アートフェア東京 2022 : Gallery OUT of PLACEブース/東京国際フォーラム, 東京
2021 SPIRAL XMAS MARKET : Gallery OUT of PLACEブース/スパイラル エスプラナード, 東京
2021 アートフェアアジア福岡 : Gallery OUT of PLACEブース/博多阪急, 福岡
2020 ART OSAKA WALL 2020 : Gallery OUT of PLACEブース/山川ビル, 大阪
2014 ART OSAKA 2014 : Gallery OUT of PLACEブース/ホテルグランヴィア大阪, 大阪
1977 大阪府生まれ 奈良県在住

artist statement

In recent years, I have been fascinated by vessels and have been photographing them.
In this exhibition, I would like to use the subject of 'vessels' to present works that enable a deep dialogue between people and vessels about 'being', and in particular about its 'transience'.

The series 'Etude of Evaporation and Crystallisation - Vessels -' mainly photographs transparent glass and paper vessels. The subjects are glassware, which will one day break and lose its shape, and paper containers, which are easily discarded after use.
Focusing on the ephemeral nature of their existence, I photographed them by overlaying their appearance on the fate of the planet Earth on which we live. The images are printed on glass plates as supports for the works on glass vessels.
The works on paper vessels are supported by box-shaped sheets of Japanese paper, on which the images are printed.
Another series, 'Aura', photographs ceramicist Yui Tsujimura's teacups. The artist attempted to capture the presence of the teacups from a photographer's point of view.In Tsujimura's words, 'rooted in tradition but always looking to the future', we saw the soul of an artist trying to express 'eternity'. I feel that I was able to contain the aura emanating from the inside of the teacups in my own way in the photographs.

Photographing vessels has always been a personal interest of mine, but the corona pandemic has also changed the way I look at vessels. I began to see the end of the Earth on the other side of the vessel. Then, in February 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. In recent years, natural disasters have also been occurring all over the world. How should we live in these times of turmoil, when everyone is anxious? I think the answer lies in realising that our existence is part of the planet Earth, and reaffirming that our existence is based on a series of miracles in the long history of the Earth.

When I photograph vessels, I feel as if I am exploring the deepest recesses of my mind.
What I am looking for there may be the very existence of me (i.e. the Earth). Text by Takeshi Kagi July 2023

1977 Born in Osaka, Japan Lives in Nara
2000 Graduated from Bukkyo University, Department of History, majoring in regional culture
2000 Travels around the world, including Europe and South America(-2007)

Solo exhibitions
2021 Study for Evaporation/Crystallisation / Gallery OUT of PLACE NARA, Nara
2014 A Distance / Gallery OUT of PLACE NARA, Nara
2008 Porvenir / Gallery Den 58, OsakaGroup exhibitions
2022 HANARART Art Shop / Art-Space TARN, Nara
2021 CADAN x ISETAN Figuration / Isetan Shinjuku Art Gallery, Tokyo
2015 Gakuenmae Art week 2015 / Asanuma Memorial Hall, Nara
2014 Evening Bell / Factory Ruins, Nara
        The voice of “H”+ / Nara Machiya Art Festival HANARART 2014 / Senshinkaku, Hozanji Temple, Nara
2013 SLOW and SURE / Nara Machiya Art Festival HANARART 2013 / Gallery Cafe Katatsumuri, Nara
2011 NAP video cotenpandan exhibition / Nara Women’s University Seminar House Masaki-tei, Nara
        GITAI+KAGI / 2 persons exhibition TYPE:T / TOKIO OUT of PLACE, Tokyo
2010 GITAI+KAGI / 2 persons exhibition TYPE:S / NARA ART PROM 2010 / sample white room, Nara
        GITAI+KAGI / 2 persons exhibition TYPE:K / NARA ART PROM 2010 / Naramachi Koshi no ie, Nara
2009 NAP Open Meeting vol.Ⅱ+Pre-exhibition / CASO, Osaka

Art Fair
2022 ART FAIR TOKYO 2022 : Gallery OUT of PLACE booth / Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
2021 SPIRAL XMAS MARKET : Gallery OUT of PLACE booth / Spiral Esplanade, Tokyo
2021 ART FAIR ASIA Fukuoka : Gallery OUT of PLACE booth / Hakata Hankyu, Fukuoka
2020 ART OSAKA WALL 2020 : Gallery OUT of PLACE booth / Yamakawa Building, Osaka
2014 ART OSAKA 2014 : Gallery OUT of PLACE booth / Hotel Granvia Osaka, Osaka