nakajima mugi new works 2022

中島 麦

nakajima mugi

SILVER 2022 S40 02 100x100x5cm acrylic on canvas 2022 (c)nakajima mugi
SILVER 2022 S40 02 100x100x5cm acrylic on canvas 2022 (c)nakajima mugi

2022年 9月9日(金)– 10月16日(日)

9th Sep(fri)- 16th Oct(sun), 2022

Open : 木-日 12:00 - 19:00 +++尚、10月10日(月・祝)は開廊いたします。
Close : 月・火・水 +++ 9月29日(木)〜 10月7日(金)は福岡で開催されるアートフェアアジアに出展のため休廊となります。





Gallery OUT of PLACE
Open : thu. - sun. 12:00 - 19:00 +++The gallery will be open on Monday, October 10th (national holiday).
Close : mon. tue. wed. +++Please note that the gallery will be closed from September 29th (Thu) to October 7th (Fri) for the Art Fair Asia Fukuoka.


18:00 - 19:30 on 10th (sat) Sep., 2022

The artist will be present. Admission free.


Gallery OUT of PLACE



ここ2年は、「multi luminous dropping」というシリーズ名のもと、




Gallery OUT of PLACEの奈良で個展を開催するのは、6年ぶりになる。





絵画の基本要素を分解し再構築、抽出することで「観る」ことの根源的な意味を提示出来ればと考えている。 文:中島麦 2022年8月

For almost ten years, Nakajima has been focusing on the materiality of acrylic paint

and has been presenting his unique abstract expressions without using any brushes.

In the last two years, under the series name 'multi luminous dropping’,

he has expressed the elements of movement, space, light and time using a methodology of directly dripping paint on the canvas.

This time, he will present the series 'SILVER', which further incorporates the concept of 'ground and figure'.

Prologue to the solo exhibition 'SILVER'.

It has been six years since I held a solo exhibition at Gallery OUT of PLACE, Nara.

At that time, I started pouring melted paint on a horizontal canvas for the first time in the "WM" (presence/absence) series, in which two contradictory elements are shown in the same space.

In recent years, I have developed into a series "Multi LD" in which time is added to the material flowing under the influence of gravity.

The metallic colours used extensively in my new work 'SILVER' in this exhibition have both a surface (figure) that physically receives and reflects light,

and a background (ground) as a non-colourful void that cannot be entered into the hue circle, even though it is called a colour.

Also, its particles are larger than those of other colour materials, and its movement in the direction of gravity is clearer.

By deconstructing, reconstructing and extracting the basic elements of painting, I hope to present the fundamental meaning of 'seeing’.  Text by nakajima mugi, August 2022.

SILVER 2022 S20 03 73x73x5cm acrylic on canvas 2022 (c)nakajima mugi