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Gallery OUT of PLACE was first opened in the spring of 2005, in Nara city. As a contemporary gallery, we introduce current artists working in and out of Japan. We would like to openly invite not just art-related visitors, but all kinds of people to come enjoy our exhibitions. With our open attitude, we also strive to sell top quality artworks as a commercial gallery.

For my early studies, I spent my time in France from 1992 to 1999. During those years I traveled from Europe to North and Central America, Australia, Africa, and Asia in research. In 2003, I went abroad again to Paris for nearly a year, where I was an art gallery management intern. While getting familiar with the environment and people of the Paris art scene, I became aware of two major issues.
The first was the co-existence of a global culture and the local individual characteristics. The second problem was that compared to the West, Japan's art management has not seen a lot of development.

At Gallery OUT of PLACE, we manage our space with a focus on these two key issues. We specifically aim to present up-and-coming artists expressing profound philosophy and concepts. We believe that these artists have the ability to deliver to visitors a strong impact and fulfilling viewing experience.

In 2009, we opened our Hiroo Tokyo branch gallery, TOKIO OUT of PLACE. Now with the name of Gallery OUT of PLACE, we are located in room 207 of art space 3331 Arts Chiyoda, where we have been since February 2014. With this greater central location, we hope to further transmit the idea of "now" in contemporary art. It is our wish to continue putting on exhibitions and events with a philosophy of openness. Here at our gallery, we hope to directly witness through high-level art, the blending of different cultures and thought. We sincerely believe OUT of PLACE to be a foundation for fresh, universal modes of expression.

Regarding our gallery name, OUT of PLACE refers to Edward Said's concept that a person without a place of belonging is able to generate an original pathway with a new set of values. With this thought as our guide, we would like to build the very foundation of fine arts from the starting points of Nara and Tokyo.

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